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It took 40 years for me to finally sink my hands into clay, despite a lifetime fascination and intense interest in figurative sculpture.  Throughout childhood, I pursued many different types of artistic expression from visual arts to music, and studied anatomy with an interest in one day becoming a surgeon.  Upon completion of college, I pursued a traditional career path in Silicon Valley, yet the need for creative expression persisted and grew.

Thus began an intensive process of self-education, which included numerous workshops and university art and design classes as well as study with contemporary masters including Stanley Bleifeld, Eugene Daub, Simon Kogan, Kirsten Kokkin, Tuck Langland, Bruno Lucchesi, Richard MacDonald and several others.

I have spent 20 years passionately and tirelessly creating sculpture.  I exhibit work in various shows and galleries, complete private commissions, and open my studio to the public in October.  I have been a member of the National Sculpture Society since 1997 as well as a number of other local and national arts organizations.

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Palo Alto Weekly

February 2007    

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November 2007    

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